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Traveller! The Monkey God-King of the Crafty Mountain is summoning you to build monuments in his name!

Daring adventures await you in this fantasy world, from rocky avalanches to yeti archers off to get you! Drive spearheaded down the never ending hill in a cart full of precious materials and see our minions build monuments to the Great God-King with the materials of your choice!
Buy unique carts, unique characters, fun little hats and various routes at our all-day every-day fun little mountain!

✔ Unique characters with special advantages!
✔ Unique vehicles with special advantages!
✔ Gruesomely dismountable characters!
✔ Breakable vehicles!
✔ Hats for customisation!
✔ Thrilling map routes!
✔ Monuments shapeup based on resources delivered!
✔ Hours of crashing fun!

About the Developer

Pavel Zuk, music composer with a history of game development, took up another challenge of learning C# and Unity, this game is the result of 4 months work.





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